Van Buren Museum


The Van Buren County Museum in Hartford, Michigan is a rich historical site which quite a few interesting features and exhibits.  The people that run this organization are great and incredibly excited to have us come in and conduct several investigations for them.  Also, we have conducted investigations for fundraising events organized by the museum staff.  The participants have been very active and supportive of the museum.


Let’s start off with the creepiest clip we got from the museum.  This clip was taken with a standard Olympus recorder and no spirit box was used.  The story behind this clip is actually fairly alarming as well.  While walking through the museum, two of the staff had noticed a “disruption” in one of the rooms.  The pictures from the room were taken off the wall and in many cases taken out of their frames and placed on the floor.  Additionally, the room had containers of Play-Doh set out as part of the exhibit.  The Play-Doh was removed from the container and “squished” into the floor and rolled up into dry balls and spread across the floor.  This was not done by anyone in the museum or our investigators.  How or why did this happen?  Keep in mind, the museum is locked up when the staff is not there, so no one could have gotten inside to vandalize the exhibit.

This clip poses a slightly eerie explanation to the occurrences in this exhibit:

The clip is very quiet and difficult to hear, so we amplified and processed it to remove the hiss and any background noise.  Here is the modified clip:

To us, you can clearly hear the word “Play-Doh“.  The rest is subject to interpretation.  We believe it says something similar to, “There’s the Play-Doh, right there on the floor“.  You make up your own mind.

This next click you hear Carl asking if the museum is “your home”.  Fairly clearly, afterward, you hear something say, “Home”.  Again, no spirit box was used during this.

Here’s a slightly processed one to clear the clip up a little bit:

This next clip is of some chatter from the investigators (Lisa is most prominent) followed by a strange ringing noise that none of the investigators or guests heard at the time.  It sounds like it could be a cell phone, but all investigators and guests had turned their phones off and swear they never heard the noise at the time.

Once again, processed and cleaned up a little bit: