Munchkinland, as it’s affectionately referred to is a cemetery in Eau Claire, Michigan.  The real name is Franklin Cemetery in Berrien Township.  It’s the site of numerous sightings of small children, hence it’s name of Munchkinland.  People would drive by and occasionally see a small child standing in the middle of the cemetery with no one else around.  It’s a very creepy cemetery with graves that date back to the early 19th century.  During our investigation we found a number of very interesting things.  Including an orb, some very vivid audio recordings, and Linda swears she saw someone standing next to a grave marker!



The audio clip below is when Linda was telling us she saw someone standing next to a grave marker.  As she is trying to come up with the “word”, you hear something in the background say, “robe”.  That was not one of us!

This is the original file:

The file below has the noise removed making it easier to hear the word “robe”: