This old Hunting Lodge (as we call it) is currently being used for Deer Season lodging for a few avid hunters.  What’s special about it though is the age of the home and the odd occurrences that have been witnessed around the home.




This first video doesn’t really show anything other than Chet and Jeff walking around in what we referred to as the “Funeral Parlor”.  This room was used to display family members after they had passed before Funeral Homes became popular.  The real weird part is that I closed the door (it was sticky and hard to close) very securely after setting up the trail camera.  The only video hits we got off the camera were when the door was already re-opened and people were inside the room.  What happened to the video of the door opening?


This next video shows an odd “Orb” that starts in the lower-left corner of the screen and floats to the upper-middle of the screen.  It’s entirely too large to be dust and moves upward in a still room.  There was zero air motion within the room.


This is another orb, much more faint than the other.