Freedom Motors


Freedom Motors is a wonderful organization.  They take vans, SUVs, etc. and convert them into something usable on a daily basis for handicapped people with special needs.  Our resident Freedom Motors expert and recent retiree, Chet got us in on some absolutely amazing investigations at their headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan.  For some reason, this old building has so much activity that we went back several times and each time found more and more interesting evidence of paranormal activity.  What is it?  We have no idea, so make up your own mind!



The audio clip below blew our mind when it happened.  We all (about 12 of us at the time) heard it when it came over the Hack Box.  In the audio clip you can hear me ask, “Clyde, do you like Bill”.  Then you hear Linda say, “Is there anyone out here”, immediately followed by a “NO”, and shortly after, “Evil”.  YIKES!

More audio: